The Dawn Of Eternity

It was on 8th February 2012 when I felt dad might leave us ………just after 3:00 pm his breath starting disturbing reading of oxygen was shown very low on the display of apparatus that showed the oxygen level of the body. Dad was immediately displaced from the recovery ward to again Intensive care unit. I felt my head will divide into two parts; I was standing outside looking at the trees at the hospital courtyard, with the leaves moving by the slow breeze blowing. Frustration, anxiety and fear increased a lot ……………Great pressures should remind us that our only responsibility and our only protection, is to abide in Christ.

I saw dad has been more tranquil, but still somewhat irrational, how very helpless he looked, wrapped in his silent world of pain and isolation. He was in a realm where even, I who loved him so much, cannot enter. Dad’s natural strength was diminishing; he was so restless now and slept much of the day, locked in another dimension one cannot penetrate, none of us were able to communicate with him as dad’s condition appeared to be worsening. He was not able to communicate with us –but this does not mean that   god was not able to communicate with him.

I was reminded of many healthy days and time spend with my dad, I found many times dad overcoming personal wounds and rejection from his childhood, workplaces, this sorrow went deep in his heart of course ; those who love God intensely often experience resentment and rejection from others, was the explanation narrated by him to me mostly when we had long time conversations, but I found for sure, dad had his love for Jesus Christ which was total as I have seen, he loved him …………even  “unto death”. Each moments, days become very precious to me as I was known deep in my heart dad is about to flee from us. I remind my self of this very verse as I look upon dad’s body, so revenged by disease, I must look beyond, what is God’s word which always speak truth, Philippians 3:20- 21, our citizenship is in heaven. We are eagerly waiting for the savior, the lord Jesus Christ, who by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies, so that they will be like his glorious body.   

There comes a time in every person’s life when he must walk with god alone, there is within everyone of us a “holy of hollies” where only God can penetrate. In great measure dad was with God, Dad’s commitment to his lord is so total, that there is never any wavering in his obedience, once he is confident of “God is leading” …………so he agreed to follow his master’s call. On the morning of 16th February 2012, today it is almost a year, I am missing my sweet dad so much, along with my siblings and of course, his dearly grandchildren and mom.

Two prominent options were before me I can bog down in a quagmire of fear and sorrow and become a recluse, filled with self pity OR I can go forward and trust God to lead me. And I was determined well that I must fellow Christ now for our life and make our roots down, learn to live alone with God as companion and he guided by his will for life. At beginning life without dad I felt guilt when tears ran out condemning my self as a weak Christian with very little faith, but suddenly I was reminded of our lord Jesus who is filled with compassion and he is full of love he wept at the tomb of his friend Lazarus, even knowing that he would raise him from grave. So I tend to turn to him when the waves of grief sweep over me. I realize that lord understands our grief and sooner the pain goes.

Memories rush and crowd, when I let them intrude into my mind, but I do believe and hope God’s purposes are best. Deep within me is the knowledge that I shall never be content nor fulfilled until I too learn to be an over comer, the pain is no less difficult but I find comfort in discovery seeking purposes.

Dad passed from death to life before he left this world, no one wants to die, not even to our lower nature that part of us which causes so much trouble but our eternal destiny is the issue. Willing to die here is to live eternally there. John 5:24 our lord’s terrific and tremendous assurance!!

On 18th February 2012, morning at Indian Evangelical church, behind friend’s colony at Nagpur, Pastor PD Joseph administrator of Mission India Bible college, led the joyous memorial service, in the presence of all the pastors of Nagpur, church members who supported him and a big crowd of his students along with we relatives, were able to give thanks for the life of this godly man.

Then it was over ………..our life together as dad and children.

I whispered in my heart dad you overcome and entered into the joy and rest you so wonderfully deserve, The dawn of eternity just begun , how richly you deserve the blessings prepared for you , how great is your gain how unbearable is our loss. Jesus is our resurrection and life……………..whoever believes in him will never die. (John 11:25)

Dad’s commitment to his lord is so total, that here is never any wavering in his obedience, once he is confident of God is leading.

Cast your burdens

It is not easy to say cast all your cares to God in a such a world where life is busy and is more dependable on new devices with technology. Apart from all the goodies which we have received in this new era, human being is empty.

The emptiness of created in our hearts most of the time in our life, which stimulates or mind to think who we are and for whom we are living. A great writer has written in his write ups that the human beings are craving of God himself the emptiness created in human will only be completed by God , I mean fellowship with Him and having right relationship with Him.

We can be attached with him easily , By reading his word and praying to him. Bible says , cast all your cares on him  “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”Psalms 55:22. We need to check our ways in what ways are we walking. We often show that we are walking in right path which is totally show off. God always like, first preference given to him.  the verse in Bible says seek ye first the kingdom of and his righteous. So first is his priorities and he want it, is God too demanding…….. if yes than he also is  very specific and strict in his relationship with us, word says He first loved us and in fact he loved us yet when we were still sinners. 

Let us learn to educate us in thinking that, God has a plan for us and he will take care of us.

Chasms of Love


We can’t go back and change the days of our past, those days truly are no more. But we can let their sadness become an acknowledged part of us. As we allow it happen, feelings, bubble up at the most unexpected times. With God, life is happy without God life is sad.Today is indeed a sad day, all the memories of dad’s birthday which is tucked in my heart, whenever he was wished by his kids he enjoyed and he eyes would flash with love when he heard us.
I remember the last days with him in the nursing home how much he’s failed was hard on me, he looked ancient lying on the bed——withered and frail, I remember only a few years ago when he was a vibrant man with a mind and body like steel could hear his booming voice thundering up the front walk even before, we all caught of his sight, his heart would be glad with joy and happiness, we were great buddies.
At a very early age, I experienced many troubles that left me confused and scared, when my fears loomed like shadows in the night, I retreated inside myself to escape. I knew very little about God, but began to feel drawn to him; perhaps my  parent’s contribution is there to realize that when I prayed to my heavenly father, I found great comfort. Those first childish words I spoke into the darkness were clumsy and awkward, but I a small seed of hope began to grow inside me.
Dad, great man of my life,celebrated his birthday on 10th December and it is very hard for me to be on this day as a normal person, I carry a lot many memories of him, he felt awkward to cut the cake and a birthday song sung for him, but we did it on his 50thbirthday, and merely he enjoyed with us, it is as fresh in my thoughts as yesterday happened. My dad had a great personality which I should mention; he was calm in the storms of life and sit talking to God when the chaoses were raging outside.The simplicity of his soul was to find the simple fortress where He lived inside. Incredible!! Walk he had with God, transparency of his spiritual life and outstanding faith has added to his being of “A man of God”.
When I look at my father’s photo,I don’t simply see a man but all the precious days with him growing up years,the nurturing, the discipline, the laughter. When I see his letters written tome long ago, they touch my heart and speak to me about my importance to him and how much he loved me, all the reflections are warm. Dad taught us life does not come with guarantees, life is all about faith, we are all frightened children,hovering in dark same time we are survivors too……we master boldness but  not bravery, at hard times I saw very clearly dad acknowledging Bravery is going forward in faith with no guarantees. He survived the hard times with a faith and smile, and he finished his race and went to the safety of God’s tender arms.
I am assured by God, that my dad is with him, if he would been today with us we would have been putting up a loving celebration……………losing his physical absence has given us a great pain, grieving carves deep chasms into the soul but when these chasms fill with love, we begin to heal, through the lord’s divine resurrection, love is able to heal the bereavement of we siblings and mom, grand kids and siblings in laws, surely we will be able to share our grieving.

Cherished In Cross – Till the end

Pastor P.A. Chacko promoted to glory on 16th February 2012 and his home going ceremony was on 18th February. Almost 45 years he was involved in God’s ministry in north India, Initially he started his ministry by distributing tracts, planting churches, making disciples, later he was into passion of teaching the word of God. He is well known preacher, bible teacher and author in Hindi; his contribution towards Christian literature has remarkably helped bible college students.When he was 17, he started his bible school training at Kumbanad, while his training days he was moved by the message given by Late Pastor C.K. Daniel, who just returned from one of his mission trip of north India, after the provoking message which almost generated a passion towards mission needs of north India where the workers were very less, he with his fellow friends Late Pastor N. I, Abraham Meerut, Pastor K Joy, and Pastor T. Joy, decided to dedicate their life for the call of God.  In 1968 he left his home and joined at Central India Bible School, Itrasi, in a short time he was able to pick up the language Hindi and he mastered it that he was even able to translate the messages for the preachers from English and Malayalam.

He chose Balaghat to be his first mission station back in 1970 to 1974, in this place he mainly started up by distributing and selling Gospel literates. Long time he had to travel by Bicycle which was hired for each day. The villages he labored for lord was Lanchi, Seoni, Kirnapur, Biharand and Bharasioni. Four vital years of his service has really blessed to see great fruits in the recent years. Ujjain, city of temples was his second mission field, where he enjoyed not only distribution of tracks but also planted churches. The stay in city made him to explore many pilgrimages and fairs, which he enjoyed as a part of culture.  He was able to baptize many new converts and nominal Christians in holy rivers Shipra and Triveni. The very desire of planting church was fulfilled here, though being involved in church planting; he kept a regular routine of learning and studying bible.

The passion towards learning and teaching of his was much admired by Rev. Kurien Thomas, a great man of God who pioneered for the eternal kingdom’s expansion across north India. Pastor P.A .Chacko moved to Itarsi as visiting staff in Central India Bible College in the year 1984 and later he worked as associate pastor church along with teaching in the bible college. In the year 1984 in Pareli village while going for outreach as a part of bible school schedule in regard to train the students about outdoor ministry he was in the middle of preaching.As the people gathered and they were listening to message meanwhile no one could noticed the activists who came with a bamboo stick to attack the preacher and he was left beaten and was not able to see for a while, immediately he was rushed to nearby hospital for the medication, he was asked to write first his complaint against the man before the treatment but he just forgave him. Just after a week time of hospitalization he was able to lead a normal life thereafter he again was privileged to serve the lord, in Itarsi till 1995. In 1991 he registered his own ministry named Faith Ministries in India; he established an English medium school named St John’s English Medium School in order to help underprivileged society and community development programs. The school ran in a rented building for 10 years. Many families and individuals were able to know the lord as their personal savior, many kids from different faith came to know the lord.  In 1995 he was privileged receive an exciting offer of being radio speaker for Gospel for Asia in the Hindi section, he was overwhelmed and gladly took up new ministry and as family we moved to Nagpur, as the schedules had the demands of recordings and translating the messages, preaching without the audience and to gather later the feedback from the listeners, in this way he was thrilled to see God work in people’s life. He translated many books, he got busy in this recording and he was delighted that his daily schedule is now not limited in teaching, preaching, ministering in the church alone but has now extended into recording, meeting listeners conference and baptisms. Though the work was challenging with very less time but his joy had no limit.

As children we were able to help him and in holidays we just kept speaking about God and his wonderful deeds. In the year 2000 he had many outdoor program we was called up for many convention, 1999 and 2000 he wrote down his first book, “Study of revelation” first commentary written by an Indian author , he printed several tracks in which “An historical incident” was popular and appreciated by all,  he never limited his dreams of printing his books as his thoughts were the ever best gift he can give to his student in compiling some of his write-ups and collection of his studies and financial limitations were never able to limit him to fulfill his dreams but he never gave up, financial challenges were not able to stop him from his determination.  Nothing could separate him from the love of God, his policies and decisions were firm as if it may question his faith, being affirm he was able to lead the life for the glory of God.

Later he was invited as guest speaker for the local T.V channels for festive occasions, in 2001 he was diagnosed by Para nasal lymphoma, on his right nostril this was a shock to all of us as a family. The sickness could not stop him from his determinations and dedication, though for a while a storm in the family but it was able to calm down as we and some churches in Nagpur united and fasted in the presence of the lord, God was gracious to heal him. He had to undergo chemo therapy and radiations and finally he was found without any trace of cancer cells in the body. God wonderfully extended his life and gave him many ministry opportunities. He wrote a book “Study of Daniel” nothing came in his way in fulfilling the duty towards his master. In order to train new converts and special crash course for pastors, faith institute of prophetical studies was started in the year 2008, the new converts are introduced to bible survey so that they are eligible for further higher studies and pastors were trained for the prophetical subjects, due to limited flow of finances and challenging health conditions, he faced many struggles.
In 2010 June fifth, he was again hospitalized for reoccurrence of the same disease, but again this time every churches, the bible college staffs, all the believers and godly people united together and he was healed of lymphoma occurred in the brain, he was able to complete six manuscripts for the church which will be much appreciated by the Hindi speaking churches. He continued his teaching in Mission India Bible College, Nagpur and loved to teach the students. In 2011 October onwards he was complaining of weakness in his body and it prolonged. He slowly developed in the state of contentment, as if he has accomplished everything which his master has asked him, final days he was admitted in the Mure Memorial hospital, he was calm and pleasant, on 16th February at 10:00 his final breath was with a smile to his son and wife. Pastor Chacko left his wife Mrs. Aleyamma Chacko; he was blessed with three children, both the daughters who are given to missionaries and a son who is taking care of mission work in UK, four grandchildren, Rufus, Rhema, Rachel and Susan. He almost spent his full life in rented houses and ran his churches & institutions in rented buildings, never gave up pressed on for the lord till the last moment. Please pray for the ministry done under the banner of faith ministries in Nagpur and the church named Faith full gospel assembly.